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Understanding the EU Marine Directive

Our project is supporting the delivery of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) by drawing together people from across the Celtic Seas to set up collaborative and innovative approaches to managing their marine environment. It is working to put the people that use the sea at the heart of management and offer them the opportunity to influence how their marine environment will be managed in the years to come.

In order for people to engage with our project and other initiatives related to the MSFD it’s important to increase understanding of the directive. The Directive itself is complex and is written using a fairly technical language making it difficult for anyone outside of the policy environment to fully grasp.

One of the strengths of MSFD is that it makes clear the invaluable role that stakeholders must play in its delivery. Therefore, if it is going to succeed in achieving its goal of Good Environmental Status by 2020 we need to strengthen people’s understanding and create resources that are both clear and easy to digest.

As an introduction to the Directive and our project we have created a short animation and carried out interviews with key people within the European Commission and at OSPAR. We’ve covered things such as; how do governments define Good Environmental Status; why is regional coordination so important and what role do stakeholders have to play.

Watch the other films here