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Save the date for our next workshop!

Save the date for our multi-national workshop in Paris – Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 May 2015

Coming up in May next year is our second multi-national workshop, bringing together people from France, Ireland and UK to collaborate. We are just over half way through the project and some great ideas and outputs have already been developed.

We are now at a stage where we need your contribution as an expert in your sector. With your support we can shape and direct the work to make sure that what we have at the end of the project is a) useful to you and your sector, and b) supports the delivery of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

Our objectives for the Paris workshop are for you to…

  • Become familiar with the work that the Celtic Seas Partnership project is doing and plans to do and contribute to its development
  • Get up-to-date on the current status of MSFD implementation – hearing from governments in the Celtic Seas
  • Understand where you can contribute or are already contributing to the project and how the different parts of the project link together
  • Hear from stakeholders about the work they have been doing so far in the project and get the opportunity to contribute
  • Consider your future involvement in the project and contribute to plans for what needs to happen next

We’ll be announcing further details in the New Year so keep your eyes peeled!