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Initiatives to support sustainable seas

As some of you will know, we set up five task groups back in November 2014 to work on initiatives that had been suggested and developed by stakeholders at our workshops. We had lots of interest from stakeholders to get involved – demonstrating the appetite to want to take more of an active role in better managing our seas.

The five groups (based on the MSFD descriptors for Good Environmental Status) are:

Biodiversity: working on the idea of providing equipment and training for fishermen and other sectors to monitor the state of the marine environment

Underwater noise: working on developing learning materials to inform and guide noise mapping for the Celtic Seas

Non-indigenous species: working on developing a Celtic Seas biosecurity protocol on marine non-indigenous species covering key sectors

Marine litter: working on expanding the Eco-schools programme to address marine litter in the UK, Ireland and France

Food Webs: working on raising stakeholder awareness and understanding of food web dynamics and indicators of a healthy system

Each task group is developing an action plan for their initiative. This will include a step-by-step account of what needs to happen for the initiative to succeed, who needs to be involved, what resources are needed, possible sources of funding and so on. There have been a number of well attended virtual meetings and each group has made significant progress in developing their action plan. They are reaching the point where they need to consult with a wider group of stakeholders to get further input and feedback on what they have produced.

Some of the task group members will be coming to our multi-national workshop in Paris to help us run a session on the work that they have been doing. They will present their initiative and some of their thinking so far and then look to other participants for their contribution to strengthen the initiative and provide focus where needed.

If you’re interested in contributing to the work of the task groups make sure you come along to our Paris workshop.