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A closer look at our project partner SeaWeb Europe

SeaWeb Europe is an environmental organisation based in Paris working to protect marine ecosystems and fishery resources. Their mission is to create opportunities for change and bring about sustainability in marine sectors.

© Jiri Rezac / WWF UK© Jiri Rezac / WWF UK

SeaWeb envisions a world where all stakeholders take responsibility and collaborate to create a healthy, thriving ocean. A key challenge to achieving this vision is balancing the need to improve the state of the ocean and its ecosystems with supporting the communities which rely upon its resources. SeaWeb is working with stakeholders to explore new ways of working and supports best practice in marine sectors. Since its creation in 2006, SeaWeb has been focused on delivering change in two main areas; oceans and ecosystems, and sustainable seafood.

Oceans and ecosystems

SeaWeb Europe is one of five partners of the Celtic Seas Partnership project and is responsible for engaging Celtic Seas stakeholders based in France. They were also a partner of the PISCES (Partnerships Involving Stakeholders in the Celtic Sea Ecosystem) project which was part-funded by LIFE+ and led by WWF UK. PISCES was an international project that used an innovative process to bring together the major sectors operating in the Celtic Sea and Western Channel to find a way to manage marine activities more sustainably.

In June 2014, SeaWeb ran a Celtic Seas Partnership workshop in Rennes involving French stakeholders. The main focus of the day was to develop ideas for measures to include in the Marine Strategy Framework Directive consultation on the programme of measures. The workshop was one of a series of six workshops taking place in each region of the project (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England and Republic of Ireland). These workshops aimed to get a better understanding of the current challenges that marine stakeholders are facing and also give people an opportunity to share their challenges with each other, looking out for any similarities.

Sustainable Seafood

SeaWeb Europe develops relationships with a broad range of seafood stakeholders such as culinary professionals, fishmongers, retailers, fishermen, fish farmers to develop a sustainable seafood market in Europe. They created the first national catering competition promoting sustainable seafood in France and in Spain. The competition challenged candidates to devise and cook recipes that were both delectable and sustainable.

SeaWeb Europe also provides information to professionals and consumers to encourage more sustainable seafood purchase practice. The “Sustainable Seafood Guide for professionals” has been published and updated every year since 2008 taking into account the latest scientific recommendations for each of the most commonly consumed species. The 2014 version is available online . A dedicated website is also available: http://guidedesespeces.org/fr